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The Big Picture


The Big Picture

The big picture


With climate change, invasive species, the loss of habitat and the growing impacts of greater and greater populations adversely affecting the natural world, we must develop models that balance the interests of people and the environment. We are in the midst of the greatest mass migration in human history—a migration indoors and behind screens. The less connected we become to nature, the less invested we are in its future.

Outdoor recreation connects us to nature, which is the first step to appreciating its value. Once that appreciation is in place, we become invested in its wellbeing, which is key to conservation. Sustainability insures the wise use of finite natural resources so that we may continue to use them in perpetuity. The health benefits of time outside include the amelioration of chronic disease such as obesity, diabetes and mental anxiety that cost society billions of dollars each year in lost wages.

Reconnecting to nature at a time when we are increasingly disconnected is healthy. It’s also imperative to the viability of life on this planet.

Millions of visitors each year visit Jackson Hole, seeking that connection. Jackson Hole is in a unique position to influence them and promote a sustainable worldview—as long as those at the front lines of the work are able to approach it collectively.

The Center for Mountain Culture will advance a sustainable connection to the natural world and provide a collaborative approach to insuring Jackson’s future is as bright and resilient as its past.

As Jackson Hole wildlife biologist Olaus Murie used to say, “It’s going to take all of us to do it.”

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